MaxAir of Sweden bankrupt


MALMOE: MaxAir, a small regional airline based at Malmoe-Sturup Airport, in the south of Sweden, has filed for bankruptcy. The debts are believed to be roughly SEK 7 million.

Established in 1996, the airline operated scheduled services to Karlstad (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), Hamburg and Berlin (Germany), all of which were completely discontinued a month ago. Until recently, a service was also operated between Visby at the Swedish island Gotland and Stockholm, capital of Sweden, on behalf of the airline syndicate Gotlandsflyg.

During the first years of operation, the airline used Metro aircraft which later on were exchanged with Saab-340. At the time of closure, the company had two such aircraft on lease from the Saab factories.

MaxAir was owned by Interfox, a company that is registered in the Caribbean. The man behind Interfox is Max Renard, a Swede residing in Buenos Aires (Argentina). He reports that MaxAir, via Interfox, has cost him a SEK 45 million loss. (NTR)