Lars Thuesen resigns from Airtours

MANCHESTER: Lars Thuesen has decided to resign from his full time role with Airtours and will leave the plc and management boards with effect from 8 August 2001, according to a Airtours statement today. Thereafter, Lars will continue to assist Airtours with the supervision of the Group's accommodation interests on a part time basis enabling him to pursue his other business interests.

Lars was responsible for the Group's mainland European operations, excluding SLG, until February 2001, which are now managed by Georg Eisenreich who reports directly to Tim Byrne. 

In addition, Lars is Chairman of the Accommodation Division which will be re-organised.

Frank Pullman, Managing Director of Airtours Sun Cruises, and Peter Stephenson, Managing Director of Airtours Hotels Division, will report to Richard Carrick who is a Main Board Director and Chief Executive of the UK Leisure Group. (NORDIC TRAVEL REPORT NEWS SERVICE)